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4. Bagillt Dock

Grid Ref: SJ 22153 75438


‘Bagillt Dock’ (Bagillt Gutter). Coal, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Rope and Passengers were transported from this point. The raised overgrown area to the right is the site of ‘Bagillt Copper Works’. The Dock was built about c1800 on the site of a natural gutter formed by local streams. Passenger traffic was introduced to steam power in the 1820s on the paddle-wheel vessel Cambria. This vessel took passengers to PARKGATE (opposite side of the river) on the Wirral, then onward to LIVERPOOL. This had all finished by the 1930s and is now virtually as before 1800! The large, wooden structure to the left was a Sluice Gate, that, when in the open position, allowed the tidal flow to fill up the large pool areas to both sides of the railway. At the tides ebb, the sluice gates would be opened and the flow of water helped scour the dock of mud and silt.

Images before the trail started and during the project taken during 2012 / 2013:-


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